Our highest priority is keeping our community safe: See the Pipeline Covid-19 Action Plan

Our highest priority is keeping our community safe: See the Pipeline Covid-19 Action Plan

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What’s the secret to a happier and healthier life? It just may lie in your alarm clock. A recent study by the University of London found that people who wake up by 7:00 am have a lower chance of being stressed, depressed and obese.

The findings seem to prove what many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs already know. But it’s not just waking up earlier that will make you the next multi-millionaire; it’s what you do with that extra time that counts.

Here are four early morning routines of business and world leaders that will boost your day:

Set an intention.

Each morning, Steve Jobs asked himself, “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?” The right mindset is an important key to success. The quiet and stillness that can be found in the early morning is an ideal time for meditation, reflection and intention setting.


Exercise gets the mind and body fired up for the day ahead. President Obama keeps a strict routine of weights and cardio at 6:45am. Bill Gates spends an hour on the treadmill each morning. The American Psychological Association says the jolt of positive endorphins can be felt within five minutes of starting a workout and then carry throughout the day.

Plan ahead.

Barbara Corcoran, founder of The Corcoran Group and shark on Shark Tank, starts each day by reviewing her to-do list from the night before and tackling the hardest tasks first. Crossing off these items creates a sense of accomplishment before most people have reached their desks.

Family time

Family time is an important part of many successful entrepreneurs’ routines. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos opts out of early morning meetings and instead eats breakfast with his family. Beginning the day by being surrounded by those you love is an instant mood booster and a good reminder that no matter how your day pans out, those that matter most to you will always be there the next morning.

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