Our highest priority is keeping our community safe: See the Pipeline Covid-19 Action Plan

Our highest priority is keeping our community safe: See the Pipeline Covid-19 Action Plan

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We would love for our readers to know exactly what kind of workplace environment they can expect to find at Pipeline, and who better to give their input than someone at the very heart of the Pipeline Philly family? Our dynamic team member Lindsay Tillery was gracious enough to participate in a short Q&A regarding work and life here as the Community Relations Manager at Pipeline Philly.

Q: What is your role at Pipeline?

A: Community Relations Manager: I help curate this community-driven co-working space by promoting diversity amid companies. I aggregate and build relationships among members and perform operational and administrative duties, to maintain the day-to-day function of the space!

Q: What drew you to Pipeline originally? And how has the company changed since?

A: What drew me to Pipeline was the idea that this business village created an instant network and provided a rich resource for sole practitioners, lone representatives of larger companies, and start-ups. I have had the fortune of watching people meet in the cafe and eventually become partners, seeing start-ups grow leaps and bounds, and witnessing people turn passion projects into businesses. The difference between then and Pipeline today is I can see the fruit of their relationships.

Q: What do you like most about Pipeline?

A: The unique people who inhabit the space are the best part of each day!


Q: What have you gained from working here?

A: From Pipeline, I’ve gained a sense of how interconnected we all are and the potential for how much more we can be.


Q: What are 3 words you would use to describe us?

A: Pipeline in 3 words: collaborative, ambitious and advantageous.



Lindsay beautifully articulated exactly what we want our readers and fellow Philadelphians to know about our ever-growing Pipeline community. As entrepreneurs, start-ups and moguls alike walk through our doors, we have the rare privilege of observing partnerships form, businesses grow, and ideas blossom. Our Pipeline team members are essential to the thriving community we’ve built within these walls, as are the companies and individuals that make up the shared co-working space, and we could not be more grateful.


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