Our highest priority is keeping our community safe: See the Pipeline Covid-19 Action Plan

Our highest priority is keeping our community safe: See the Pipeline Covid-19 Action Plan

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At Pipeline Philly, we believe that the environment in which you work is as

important to productivity and innovation as the work itself, and we are dedicated to

creating a workplace where our members source inspiration not only from their

buzzing neighbors and coworkers, but from the beauty and design of the space.

The arrival of the Democratic National Convention to Philadelphia was an exciting

and opportune week for Pipeline and its members. Amidst the political and business

movers and shakers that have passed through our doors, we also recognize the

makers—the artists, designers, and creatives that beautify the Pipeline space and

ignite our collective imagination.

It might go without saying that for the contemporary professional, working in an

aesthetically creative space in an attractive location is certainly more appealing than

the rigid, cubicle-ridden halls of more traditional offices. And for those of you who

have visited Pipeline, it’s no surprise that we agree (our “musical legends”

wallpaper speaks for itself.)

We’re located steps away from Philly’s iconic City Hall, and our offices are virtually

overflowing with creative individuals and their work year-round. In fact, work from

one of Pipeline Philly’s members, Andy Scott, a well-known sculptor from Scotland,

was chosen and recently put on display to adorn our lobby (at The Graham


What may be surprising, however, is that the value of design in the workplace goes

beyond simply wanting to go to work every day. According to WorkDesign

Magazine, aesthetics of a space can impact productivity directly, through helping or

hindering workflow, or indirectly, through the temperament and engagement of

employees. Another study, reported by Global Real Estate Experts, found that the

modern workforce, which is comprised of an increasing 40% of millennials, values a

flexible and variable work environment and is “less company loyal and more into

seeking insights on new and creative ways of doing business.”

One way Pipeline provides such a stimulating and “variable work environment” is

by functioning as a space for an array of creativity. Whether it is the large-scale,

high-impact street art from internationally-renown JR (plastered 15-stories- tall

onto our building,) or delicate-yet- powerful Silk Graffiti from Philly’s own Aubrie

Costello at our 16th floor entrance, you truly never know who (or what) will inspire

you next, and that’s how we like it.

In addition to providing a venue for artists and designers to showcase their work,

Pipeline is also dedicated to creating a community that supports our members’

creative growth and development. We worked with Andy Scott to set up a “virtual

office” at Pipeline, which allows him and his team to break into the American market

and connect with new partners while working from his creative studio in Glasgow,


“To make the first step and show commitment to our U.S. customers and

Philadelphia, we took a virtual office membership at Pipeline Philly,” says Manager

and Director, Hanneke Scott-van Wel. “A friend introduced us to the space and we

loved the location and the atmosphere. Hopefully this first step will grow into a

proper set-up in the future.”

In the modern co-working environment, where headspace is just as important as

workspace, maintaining this air of creativity and inspiration is a high priority.

Andy’s work is only the latest example of the creative energy that exudes—if not

overflows—from the Pipeline space.


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